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A Chance to Quiz the Election Candidates

It was election fever on 6th June at Bluecoat C of E Primary School as a handful of pupils from the upper and lower school had the opportunity to grill candidates from four of the main political parties. The North Devon Gazette had invited the school to be part of an election feature they were running and had requested that the children come up with some questions they would like to ask. The school news team read the party manifestos and came up with some challenging issues that they wanted the candidates to address. Four year 6 pupils were then paired with year 2 pupils and each pair quizzed one of the parties. They even threw in a few fun questions to lighten the mood!

Belinda Roberts and Amber Schofield were first up as they met with Chris Jordan of the Green Party. 


Poppy Rooke and Emily Blease met with Independent Candidate, Robin Julian.

Tiegan Ager and Poppy Fry were up next quizzing David Chalmers of the Liberal Democrats.

Geoffrey Cox of the Conservative party faced questions from Harley Weston and Alfie Hooper.

It was a great experience for the children and the candidates tackled the questions well, especially some of the more obscure questions! Thank you to Sarah Howell at The North Devon Gazette for inviting us to be part of it.