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Year 6 Production of ‘Olivia’ well done to all.

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‘Mole’ Project

Arabella and family came to present a ‘mole’ project they had been working on together to class RH. A great collage with so many details which Arabella explained to the class beautifully with lots of added minibeast facts to link with our learning this half term. They then sang us a song about a mole and finished with a funny

Ugly Bug Ball

In Reception, we have had a busy week preparing for the Ugly Bug Ball! There was lots to do; making the food, writing menus, designing placemats and plates, making decorations and writing invitations!

In the morning, every different minibeast that we had been learning about this term arrived at the classroom doors, and we paraded around the hall for all

School Nursing Service Update

The School Nursing service across Devon has been developing their service to improve access to a School Nurse and to information and support for all school aged children. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know of some of the changes that have taken place, or are due to take place, and remind you of your local