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In 1C we have been learning about parts of plants. We discovered that there are some plants where the root, stem, leaf or flower can be eaten! We played a game that encouraged us to try different plant parts and most of us were brave enough to try carrots, celery, cauliflower and lettuce. What a healthy bunch we are!

Hot Air Balloons

As part of our learning about Life and Pattern in the summer skies, 1C have been designing and making hot air balloons. We used paper mache and mod roc to create our balloons and baskets, and decorated them with paint and ribbon.

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Instow Bike Ride

On the 8th of June, Year 5 enjoyed a lovely day cycling to Instow from the Puffing Billy in Great Torrington and back again. We worked out we cycled 15 miles in total! We were lucky to have a dry calm day with some sunshine – ideal cycling weather. The group did really well cycling, and with some cycling faster,

French Visitors

Year 5 enjoyed meeting and working with 43 French children from Roscoff last Tuesday and Friday. They were visiting North Devon for the week and came into Yr. 5 where we got to know them a little more. On Tuesday, first we did some ice breaker activities and games, followed by a short tour around the school. Then we showed

Pentecost Activities at St Michael’s Church

On the 25th May, 5H and 5T visited St. Michael’s Church where we undertook a variety of Pentecost activities organised for us by Terry Insull and her team. We learnt about the meaning of Pentecost, and what it meant to Christians both in the UK and the rest of the world.

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May Fair

On the 5th May, Year 5 took part in the May Fair celebrations in the square in Great Torrington along with the other year groups from Bluecoat Primary school. The Year 5’s performed the 3 different dances exceptionally well, and the hard work practicing since January paid off! First they performed the Spider’s Web, followed by the Barber’s Pole and

Visit of World-Record Breaking Endurance Athlete

Inspirational World-Record breaking endurance athlete visits Great Torrington Bluecoat CofE Primary School Before qualifying as a Primary School Teacher, Bob Brown was one of the world’s top sportsman. Amongst his many achievements, he broke the World Record in the World’s longest triathlon (the Deca-Ironman – a 24 mile swim, 1120 mile cycle and a 262 mile run) and became the

River Trip

Year 4 have been learning about river systems. They have learnt about the different features found along the river’s journey from the source to the mouth.

This journey can be split into three sections; youth, maturity and old age.

During the youthful stage, the river is fast flowing and has lots of energy to erode the channel and create features

Austrian Visit

On Monday 6th June we welcomed our Austrian pen pals to Bluecoat. We have been writing to them in Vienna throughout the year and were very excited to finally meet them. We took them for a tour of Torrington in the afternoon.

On Tuesday 7th June we met them in Westward Ho! for a day of fun on the beach.