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German Exchange Trip to Potsdam

The Yr. 5 German Exchange Trip to Potsdam

21 Year 5 children and 6 staff (Mr Hart, Mrs Hogan, Mrs Dayment, Mrs Brown, Miss Mitchell and Mrs McLeod) had an amazing time on our recent residential trip to Babelsberg in Potsdam, Germany. We came back exhausted but very enthused having had a non-stop schedule in order to cram in as

Wedding Bells

Bride: Lauren Cann Groom: Ewan Johns Best Man: Zachary Smith Bridesmaids: Lottie Waghorn, Coralie Peacham, Evelyn Hodge, Lily Beer Flower Girl: Evie Hill Page Boys: Charlie Vaggers, Arlo Foster-Weir Ushers: Lincoln Bott, Molly Baker-Churchill, Khorey Horsman, Macjei Grabusinski Photographers: Buster Steerment, Lucas Fletcher-Buchanan Mother of the Bride: Bella Thorne Father of the Bride: Ebon Seldon-Green Vicar: Ameer Sattar Registrar: Allannah

Celebration Assembly

Year One Celebration Assembly

Parents were transported to the African savannah on Friday 11th March, as Year 1 produced an all-singing all-dancing extravaganza to celebrate their learning about South Africa. Everybody dressed up as their favourite African animal, and the children treated spectators to a rendition of the Animal Boogie, demonstrated traditional Gumboot dancing, and shared some of the fascinating

Up, Up and Away

The children in RH have been thinking about going ‘up, up and away’. As part of this they have created a space station and luna module in the classroom to role play being an astronaut just like Tim Peak. We even have some (pretend) space food, yummy!

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We built our own space rockets and then used

KS1 Dance Festival

Here are some photographs to remind you of the great fun that children, staff and parents had during the KS1 Dance Streetz Festival on Wednesday 2nd March. The Festival was organized by the staff and students from GTS and run by our new Governor Amy Avery. Thanks to all parent volunteers who took part and who ensured that our walk

Dance Workshop

During Arts Week, reception children took part in a dance workshop with Miss Nash where they learned some different dance styles. These included tap and ballet. We first learned some tap steps, which helped us to warm up our bodies and develop our coordination. We then learned a short ballet dance, where the children pretended to be toys who came

Roman Trip

On 2nd March Y4 went to the Roman museum in Caerloen, South Wales, as part of their topic about Roman Britain. They thoroughly enjoyed trying on Roman armour and learning about the life of a soldier. During the day, they visited the barrack room, where the soldiers slept and ate, the amphitheate where they trained and went to watch gladiatorial


In reception, we have just started our new learning topic ‘up, Up and Away’. Miss Nash’s sister, Beth, is a qualified tennis coach and kindly offered to come in and teach us some tennis skills.

To link with our topic, the children used balloons t begin to understand how to control an object moving in the air. They had to

Creative Arts Week

Class 2B being very creative during Arts Week.

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Mime Workshop

Year 4 enjoyed their Mime Workshop with Kirtsy. They learned lots of techniques about how to use their bodies effectively to communicate a non-verbal message.

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Forest School Club

Year 3 and 4 Forest School Club enjoyed whittling lengths of willow, grinding and mixing their own paints using different coloured clays and charcoal. They created fantastic patterns in nature inspired flags.

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