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Arts Week

Dear Children

You have made a fabulous effort with the arts week 2016 competitions and all the judges have been completely overwhelmed and excited by the entries. We want to thank you all. The winners will be presented with their certificates in assemblies next week when we celebrate all that has happened this arts week.

Some entries or photos of

Chinese New Year

In Reception, we have been learning about Chinese New Year. As part of our learning, we have been finding out facts about China. We were lucky enough for Ollie’s dad to come in and talk to us about his adventure when he visited China. He bought in lots of photos, and told us all about the Great Wall of China.

Trip to the Church

The Reception children, staff and many parents has a wonderful visit to St. Michael’s Church where they had chance to get to know the new vicar Father Peter Bevan better as he talked to them about the church, his role and the robes and various objects which are used and a vital part of worship there. The children explored the


In our ICT lessons we are learning to take photographs and edit them. We had great fun making the staff look far more glamorous than they do on a normal basis – especially the dreadlocks on Mr. Bennett.

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Poetry Block

We have just started learning song lyrics for our poetry block. We listened to Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles and we responded to it with actions and dance and freeze framed ourselves to remember the words.

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Charlie & Charlene Bear

As part of our Science topic which is Everyday materials and our 1960’s topic, we have been making clothes for Charlie and Charlene bear. Charlene now has a beautiful new dress and hat, bracelet and brooch and Charlie has a pair of shorts and a new t-shirt with a pocket on the front. We joined the materials by cutting out

Chinese New Year

RH have been finding out about different ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the monkey, but every year dragon and lion dancing are important. We have had a go ourselves at making Chinese music and doing our own dragon dances. We have made Chinese lanterns, opened a restaurant in our role play area, practiced