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Science Show

On Wednesday 27th January, Peter Wright from Wonderstuck visited the children in 1C and 1DT and performed a science show all about sound.

We learned how sound travels looked at the different patterns made by sound and watched a wine glass get smashed by sound waves! The demonstrations and experiments Peter showed us really got us thinking about the vibrations

Rattle Making

As part of their ‘Sound and Laughter’ module, class 3L have been looking at instruction writing in Literacy. They have worked hard at using imperative verbs, prepositions and time connectives to make their instructions clear and precise.

As their final written task they had to write instructions on ‘how to make a Native American Rattle’ combining everything they had learnt.

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Year 5 have had an exciting term studying the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Earlier in the term we went on a trip to Escot and spent time learning about daily life in a reconstructed Saxon village. There they experienced first-hand activities such as how to make daub and lay it on the wattle, grind spelt wheat into flour, use bellow and

Roman Day

On Wednesday V1 January MMXVI the pupils in Year 4 took part in a Roman day to start off their new topic. Most pupils dressed up as Romans and had great fun making Roman shields and learning about life as a Roman soldier. After constructing their shields, they learnt about the tortoise formation that was used by the soldiers in

Native American Day

On Monday 11th January Year 3 began their topic. They were absorbed into the culture and beliefs of the Native Americans through various fun packed activities. They began their day with some creative dance led by Jennie Renshaw from the Plough. Our students danced and rattled their way along to some stunning pipe and drum music. They powwowed and stamped