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Sing a song of Christmas

Here are some photos to remind you of the wonderful Christmas performance by the Reception children of ‘Sing a song of Christmas’. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you again for your support with costumes and learning songs and rhymes.

Access to the video of the show will follow in the New Year along with a letter to explain

Silent Night & Do-Re-Mi

‘A’ and her Dad gave RH a brilliant Christmas performance of Silent Night and Do-Re-Mi. She sang every word so clearly and confidently. We all thought it was brilliant. Thank you for this fantastic entertainment!

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The Nest and Nursery visit to Rosemoor

On the 25th November the children in the Nest and the Nursery embarked on a visit to Rosemoor to explore the outdoors in Autumn. There was great excitement as the children boarded two large buses to transport them all the way to the gardens. Once there, the children went on a walk to collect interesting leaves, fir cones and bark,

Table Decorations

Class 4B have been making table decorations for the OAB dinner which took place on Wednesday 9th December.

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Britain in the Bronze Age and Iron Age

This half term Y4 have been looking at how life changed in Britain in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. They wrote newspaper articles about the Bronze Age settlement visited on Dartmoor then studied life in an Iron Age hill fort. Replicas of Bronze Age pots were made from clay using techniques used by ancient potters. Look out around school


With the Christmas post rush upon us, RH have been thinking about how letters and parcels are sent and also the joy it brings to receive something in the post. To remind our families about our Christmas show, we wrote our own letters to them and franked them in the school office. The ladies showed us how to work the


RH have been finding out about Hedgehogs as they go into hibernation for the winter. We read stories and created our own hedgehog maths game, adding and subtracting the spines. We also created clay pinch hedgehogs and had our own ideas about using a variety of other materials such as pasta and matchsticks. We cut sticks of various widths and

Forest School Mud and Fire

Forest School Mud and Fire

We went to Forest School and dug up some mud. Then we added water and made mud ‘paint’. We painted on long pieces of paper. Cath made a fire – We looked at the colours, red, orange and yellow. Then we had hot chocolate.

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Rosemoor Visit

Nursery visit to Rosemoor

The nursery visited Rosemoor to explore the outdoors in Autumn. We went on a walk to collect interesting leaves, fir cones and bark. Then each child created a clay sculpture with their finds. We also spotted many sculptures in the gardens.

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