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Firework Pictures

RH have really enjoyed finding out about fireworks and having a go at making our own pictures. We made silhouettes of the Houses of Parliament with fireworks exploding overhead, moving firework pictures with levers and split pins and exploded food dye in balloons like fireworks on to paper. We found out that fireworks are not only used on Bonfire night,

Children in Need Day

Class RH really enjoyed dressing up for Children in Need day. We had a real range of ‘people who help and inspire us’ from nurses, doctors, farmers, builders and footballers to Dora the explorer, a Christmas Elf and Spiderman to name just a few. We even had a mini ‘Dean’ showing his appreciation of our own staff here at the

Visit to Sandford’s Bakery

As part of our harvest topic the Reception classes visited Sandford’s Bakery in Torrington. It was really interesting to see where all the bread and cakes are made and all the different machines they use. We especially liked the big roller that rolled out all the pastry. We learned about all the different bread that they bake and were given

Fire Fighters

To support our learning about fireworks, the fire engine crew from Torrington came to talk to reception. We talked about firework safety, and what we should do if we came across a fire. Then, Miss Dixon dressed up in the fire fighters protective clothing, she said it was very heavy! After that, we went outside and the fire fighters gave

Reception Harvest

The reception children have been learning about the importance of harvest time and what this looks like on the farm. We have followed the route of our food from the farm to the table. As part of this research we had a visit from Farmer Harris who brought in a tractor and talked about how this made his job much

Streetz Dance Morning

Amy Avery from Streetz Dance Crew came in during the Year 3 residential week. The pupils had a great morning learning various Egyptian dances and strutting their groves to modern music.

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Egyptian Drama Day

Year 3 welcomed Sophie from the Plough Arts Centre, she came in and our pupils learnt a “Play in a day” about Cleopatra. They learnt new drama skills and gained confidence in their performances through fun games and activities.

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Trip to Rosemoor

Year 3 took a trip to Rosemoor where our pupils learnt how to read maps which will tie in well with their PE Outdoor Education programme next term. They also spent the afternoon investigating rocks and soils which ties in well with their Science topic. A highlight was making our very own soil soup!

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