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May Fair is the Talk of the Town!

We have approached that time of year again when May Fair becomes the talk of the town….who will be May Queen? Who will be Crowner?

May Fair is a much loved tradition in Great Torrington and it is an occasion held very close to people’s hearts. Anyone who has been involved in years gone

An Out of This World Visit to the Planetarium

On Tuesday 13th January all of year five and six went to see the amazing planetarium. First we crawled through a tunnel to the giant dome in groups of five or six. Once inside Mr Barber (the person in charge) started explaining the rotation of the planet. He also explained about full, and half-moons. Yet there was more to come!

Bristol Bound: SS Great Britain

On Tuesday 27th January, Year 3 visited the SS Great Britain in Bristol. They took part in a Brunel workshop, learning about how parts of the ship were designed and built, and had a go at joining plates of metal together with rivets – it’s harder than it looks!

They also talked about what it might

Science Week Inspires Investigations in Reception

Children in Reception have been blossoming into budding scientists during a week of science investigations. Each investigation started with a challenge to overcome or was inspired by a book and children used their senses, explored various forces, looked at colours and so much more! Here is just a brief overview of what the children enjoyed:

Challenge: Can you get the

Tamar Trading Support Build, Construct, Create Topic

As part of this term’s topic, children from classes RH and RM have been thinking about how to build, construct and create and one thing that came to mind was ‘Bob the Builder’. Children set up their own role play areas as construction sites, site offices and tool shops, but in order to find out more they headed off to