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Year 5 Step Back in Time

As part of their topic work, Year 5 visited Escot Park to experience the Saxon and Viking settlement and activities there. They had a fantastic time and had a lot of learning opportunities that gave them first hand experiences of what life might have been like back

British Council Connecting Classrooms Project 2014 -2016

British Council Connecting Classrooms Project with Lourdes Central School, Mangalore, India

We are delighted to announce that our school has been awarded a Connecting Classrooms Project grant for this year. The aim 0f Connecting Classrooms is to equip our children with a deeper understanding of:

Other countries and cultures Their rights and responsibilities as global citizens The skills needed to

Eight Legs on a Spider…

In class RH, Brandon’s Mum and Dad heard we were learning about numbers and on our ‘number 8’ day they brought in their pet spiders.

8 legs on a spider…4 on each side…4 add 4 equals 8!

They were amazing! We learnt lots

Using Numbers in the Navy

In class RH, William’s Mum kindly came to talk to us about how she and her husband use numbers in the Navy. She brought in lots of things for us to explore such as a compass, a map, a sextant (used for

Bridging the Gap in Home/School Learning (Maths)

Parents and Carers of Reception children were offered two opportunities to come along to a workshop to discuss ideas and skills that would help support childrens’ learning at home, benefiting their mathematical development. Some of the

Bridging the Gap in Home/School Learning (Letters & Sounds)

Parents and Carers for Reception children were offered two opportunities to come along to a workshop to talk about ideas and skills that can be used to support childrens’ learning at home to benefit their Letters & Sounds and Reading development.

Paws & Claws Drama Day

Rob Pudner from Entertainingly Different came to work with the reception children to inspire and develop their learning about story characters with paws and claws. He enthralled us, made us laugh,

A Welcome Visit from Charlie, the Lollipop Man

Reception children have been learning about numbers and making associations for each number. Number 4 was linked to cars and vans as they have 4 wheels. This then made a link to the importance of road safety which led very nicely onto a visit

The Earth Represented by…a Scotch Egg!

On Monday 6th October, children in year 3 used a scotch egg to represent the layers of the Earth. They carried out their own research to learn about the different layers and this was their findings:

Ryan – “The inner core might be rock but it might be liquid – scientists aren’t sure.”

The Scarab Beetle Comes to Life!

Class 3C have been studying the story “The Scarab’s Secret” and have had a go at creating freeze frames from the story. Here the children describe their actions:

Maddie – “I’m the scarab beetle

Trying Their Hand at Handball

On Thursday, during extended curriculum week, pupils in year three had the opportunity to try their hand at Handball for the first time! It is a sport played by over 19 million people in Europe, making it the second biggest sport in the world.

The children bounced, dodged and threw their way through lots of fun games, culminating in a

Fire Breathing Dragons Spotted at Bluecoat!

On Wednesday 1st October, children in year 3 had the opportunity to express their theatrical side as they transformed themselves into fire spitting dragons and soared around the school hall.

Sarah from the Plough Arts Centre came in

Year 3…”A true reflection of good manners”

On day one of our extended curriculum week, year 3 visited Rosemoor. We are so very fortunate to have this wonderful classroom on our doorstep, and John (our teacher) welcomed us back in for two sessions.