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Class 3L “show a lot of sparkle!”

Before some of Year 3 head off for their residential to Paignton, class 3L made the most of being together as a class with a day of activity.

They started the day by singing the fruits of the spirit song, including teaching Miss Lowes the

Class 3L: The Library is Magic!

Class 3L look forward to their weekly visits to the school library on Fridays. Here is what they have to say about it…

“We are able to exchange any books that we want. We enjoy sharing a good read with our friends. The class get very excited about going to this magical place. We end with Miss Lowes reading us

Year Four Go Back In Time…

As part of the Year 4 topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’, we were delighted to be visited by two local archaeologists. They explained to us how we are able to discover things from the past like how artefacts and bones can be used

Collective Workshop Focus Group Established

Our new Collective Worship Focus Group got off to a very good start, when members met together for their first lunchtime meeting. They discussed some of the responsibilities they would have as class representatives and were encouraged to chat to their classes and teachers about ideas for Collective Worship sessions.

Have a look at the photographs to remind you who

Book Amnesty

We will be having a book amnesty next week to try and reclaim school books that have not yet been returned. We are asking all pupils to have a good search at home – look under your beds and in your bookcases for any books belonging to school (guided reading books, class books, library books etc.)

Look out for the

The Quest for Reading…

We are delighted that the ‘Quest’ reading club will resume again next week (w/c Monday 29th September) for all year 5 and year 6 pupils. The ‘Quest’ provides pupils with the opportunity to visit the KS2 library every lunchtime except Friday and borrow books. After reviewing 10 books with Tina, our school librarian, pupils will be rewarded with a book

AGT Sports Group on Trial!

Last week, the AGT students attended sporting trials at GTS. They were tested on their natural agility, coordination and speed. They were all successful, and have been invited back for further training sessions. – – – – – By Katrina Hutchinson, 6F

On Wednesday 17th September, whilst most of Year 6 went to GTS to listen to an author who

Remembering WWI in Song

By Isabel Pollit and Lauren Peters, 6D

On Tuesday the 16th of September, Year 6 went up to the senior school to rehearse some World War 1 songs for a performance at the Plough in November. The songs we rehearsed were Rule Britannia, Keep The Home Fires Burning, the National Anthem, Pack Up Your Troubles, It’s A Long Way To

Private Peaceful…”a very touching performance”

By Molly Macleod, 6F

On Wednesday the 17th of September, Year 6 pupils went to the Queens Theatre, Barnstaple to watch “Private Peaceful”, a play based on the book by Michael Morpurgo. Much to everyone’s surprise the play was actually a monologue, played by only one man for every single character! Although unexpected, and a slightly unusual interpretation, the actor

An Insight from Author, Lucy Jones

By Isaac Dempsey, 6D

On Wednesday 17th September Year 6 went to GTS to see Lucy Jones give an author talk about her books.

As I am Year 6 I went up to GTS to see Lucy Jones. It was great to see how she gets her ideas and where she gets them from, like how she got the idea

Ancient Egyptian Day?…Mum’s the word!

On 16th September, Year 3 were visited by a member of Exeter Museum for an Ancient Egyptian Experience Day. They learned about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, and acted out their own exploration, as well as having a look inside a model tomb.

A ‘Grimm’ Experience!

On Monday 15th September, Key Stage One were delighted to receive a visit from a mysterious Storyteller called Grimm. The children gathered in the hall and were captivated by the fabulous stories he told. Year two classes then worked with Grimm in the classroom as he helped them create stories of their own…where they found a diamond on the floor,