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Class 4L dance workshop

4L took part in a dance workshop this afternoon linked to their topic ‘Journey to the Sea’.

Thanks to Naraleigh Franklin who led the session.

We looked at various sea animals and performed dance moves in small groups, re-enacting

Minibeasts at Rosemoor for Reception

​RH​ had a wonderful time taking part in a minibeast workshop at Rosemoor gardens.

We searched for minibeasts in the wood and had fun trying to identify them. We learnt so much and have now come back to school very excited to find out more facts

Mayfair in Reception

RH had a great time joining together with RM and R1​TF to plan, organise and prepare for a Mayfair ‘street’ party held outside our classrooms.

We really enjoyed ourselves eating freshly made cucumber sandwiches, mini Victoria sponges and scones, jam and cream. We then had a go at the

Magazines and comics wanted

Good reading is more than only story books. It relies on reading a whole variety of styles and genres.

If you have any magazines or comics or even books which you no longer need and are in good condition we would love to be able to add to our school libraries.

Please leave any donations with Tina Palmer or in

Library Volunteers

We are looking for regular weekly support in our two libraries.

If you are interested in helping to run our school library: including returning books to shelves, keeping the library tidy, helping with displays, using the computer system to log books in and out please see Tina Palmer the school librarian for more information and a chat about the role.