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Cross Country Competition success…

Marvellous effort by all runners and staff.

We came away with the Year 6 boys overall 3rd place which is a massive achievement.

There were 1060 runners who finished from 36 schools. Fratton Tetley came 11th out of 127 runners. Oliver Hedden came 26th out of 139. Olivia Seward 13th out of 105. Adam Lawton 17th out of 126 runners.

Shared reading time – Year 6 and Reception

Year 6 children spend some time encouraging and helping Reception class children with their reading

Visioning Day in Reception

Reception classes were helped to make their own contributions to the school’s Visioning Day – what do want our school to look like and to be like?

Sing a Song of Christmas

Reception classes made their contribution to the school’s Visioning Day

Chinese New Year in Reception

Classes RH, RM and R1TF celebrate Chinese New Year, finding out all they can about it before putting on an assembly for the school, parents and carers to watch.

Maths and pancakes…yummy…

Class RH have a pancake race to celebrate

Photos inspired by Rui Palha

Photos we took, on World Book Day, in the style of the Portuguese street photographer

Printing collagraphs onto fabric

On Friday 28th February, Year 2 had a visit from DAISI artist Suzanne Ross from Double Elephant. Suzanne led two workshops, one for each class, about collagraphs.

The children learnt to make and print collagraphs onto fabric based on our

They are legend…or is it a myth?

Thu 06 March saw a whole bunch of Myth and Legend characters coming into Bluecoat Primary School. The children celebrated our involvement in a local ‘Myths and Legends’ project from The Plough Arts Centre, by dressing up as famous characters from

Building a new wonder of the world

Class 2 learnt to build their own wonder of the class. This term, year two children have been learning about the seven wonders of the ancient world. To teach us about his job as a site manager and his skills in brick laying,

French for the day

As Bluecoat Primary launches French in their classrooms, Year 2 had a French Day to celebrate it. The children came in dressed in stripes of the colours from the flag; red, white and blue.

The children enjoyed a carousel of activities which