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Fire and Ice starts with a baked potato

To start off the new topic of ‘Fire and Ice’, Year 2 enjoyed a surprise at the beginning of term: a picnic at Forest School. The menu for their picnic was baked potatoes cooked on the campfire. The children

His first banana: he ate the skin as well

Year 3 have been learning about ‘Dig for Victory’ during World War 2, and have been thinking about which fruits and vegetables would not have been available during the war. We have been visiting local greengrocers to find out what fruits and

Divali with Rama and Sita

A big thank you to Mrs Tucker who shared the story of Rama and Sita with us and showed us artefacts from India.

We enjoyed dressing up in Indian clothes and acting out the story in the story tray.

Fireworks in Reception went BANG

Class RH were so inspired by the sights and sounds of fireworks that we made our own. We used food colouring inside a balloon which we then blew

Military Assembly for Y3

Three members of the military came to talk to us about their equipment and their food rations.

One was a Medical Orderly (a medic) on ships. The other two were sergeants: one has served in Afghanistan.

They told us about their equipment being heavy even though it was made as

Reception class remembrance

We thank First Officer James Wingrove and his wife Officer Deborah Wingrove of the Royal Navy for giving their time and sharing their thoughts with us on Remembrance day.

Your daughter was very proud of you.

Thank you.

Farmer Harris and his Massey Ferguson tractor

Thanks to Farmer Harris for bringing a Massey Ferguson 135 in to school for us to see.

Raikkonen was really interested that this tractor could do the work of 70 horses.

It was noisy but we really enjoyed being able to

Shoebox appeal

This year, the School Council decided to support Operation Christmas Child once again.

Bluecoats welcomed Suzanne Hynes from the charity to speak to all of the children during our Collective Worship time. She outlined the importance of making and receiving shoeboxes.

‘Operation Christmas Child’ sends shoeboxes filled with gifts around

Mr Benn Art Workshops in Year 2

Year Two had an exciting opportunity to take part in an Art Workshop. The workshop was based around the character of Mr Benn with whom the children had become