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Conflict and Harmony – Evacuee Day

As part of their ‘Conflict and Harmony’ topic, Years 3 and 4 enjoyed an Evacuee Day on 21st October.

They dressed up in 1940s outfits, and took part in different

Year 4 Cornwall Trip – Day 3

Mining for tin and getting seals of approval today.

Farmer Harris visited us

As part of our learning about ‘the wonders of nature’ and, as we have been thinking about where food comes from, we invited Farmer Harris (local farm worker Jonathan Harris) to come and talk to us about harvest time on the farm. He brought in

Year 4 Cornwall Trip – Days 1 and 2

Discovering sharks – or not. A trip under the sea, scavenging for treasure on the beach and throwing themselves around curves, into the water and up and down.

Year 6 Bude trip – day five

The assault course – cold, wet and great fun…

Year 6 Bude trip – day four

Scaling the heights the down to earth for the presentation of awards and letting their hair down.

Charlie, our lollipop man

The Reception children have been thinking about numbers. Whilst thinking about number four we realised that cars and lorries have 4 wheels.

We then started to think about how to cross the road safely and so we invited Charlie the lollipop man

Tina, our librarian

Tina our librarian came to talk to the Reception children about how to use the school library.

She talked to us about the different books that are available and also asked us which books we might like her to order in the future. She wrote down our ideas. We have all really enjoyed using the library and taking home

A bumper harvest in Reception

Classes RH, RM and R1TF were fortunate enough to be warmly welcomed into Torrington.

We were off to find out about fruit and vegetables and bread as part of our harvest preparation. We were also able to visit the museum to look at the rations

Year 6 Bude trip – day three

Oh my what another busy day. First out for the early morning run and then in for breakfast. After a quick change into our swimwear we went to get fitted into our wetsuits for our surfing session. We walked

Year 6 Bude trip – day two

Butterflies on the high ropes, butterfingers on the climbing wall.

Tug-of-war followed by the inevitable fancy dress event.

On the trail of Hubba the Dane

Year 6 children who were unable to go to Bude have been on the trail of Hubba the Dane.

They went to Appledore to see the stone at Bloody Corner commemorating the battle between Odun’s Saxons and the fleeing Vikings led by Hubba.

Then on to

Year 6 Bude trip – day one

A day of introductions and briefings followed by some mountain-boarding and karaoke – at the same time? Probably not. Oh and there was food…

Year 3 Paignton trip – day four

After a lovely breakfast again, we all sang Happy Birthday to Emily who was celebrating her 8th birthday. We then left our hotel to head to Woodlands.

Thankfully the rain had all gone and the sky was looking quite blue. We first split into

Year 3 Paignton trip – day three

Another busy day at the zoo.

First our sessions in the education centre and then off to see some more animals. After lunch we went to see the bird show before heading back to the education

It never rains but it pours…

Thursday morning’s rain included a huge downpour shortly before lunchtime. The volume of water proved too much for the guttering and water overflowed into the Intervention Room (what used to be the library). Some of the carpet was seriously wet but quick thinking by our support staff prevented

Year 3 Paignton trip – day two

A visit to the zoo, feeding time at the zoo, close and personal with a kangaroo and a babboon. Oh yes, and avoiding the rain!

All in day two of Year 3’s epic trip to Paignton.

Year 3 Paignton trip – day one

Haven’t had much in the way of words reported for the day but it sounds like it was wet for at least some of it. Clearly, from the pictures we have received, there has been some gem digging, penguin feeding and roast turkey.